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Join Holly and Victoria and their friend Tom in a rollercoaster world of fun and adventure in the magic garden.

Meet their friend, Monty the cat-guardian of the garden, the tiny stick people who live in the branches of the trees, and the amazing Mr Leafblower.

Can the children rescue Sooty the little black poodle from the angry Greenlings?

Will the moon piece - the source of all of the garden's magic - be safe from the evil Thworgs?

Come with the children and their special animal friends as they explore this magic world where nothing is quite what it seems!


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Once again Holly, Victoria, and Tom join their animal friends and the lovable characters who live in the magic garden for a thrilling new adventure.

A magnificent green dragon arrives, bringing disturbing news.

Sooty the little black poodle faces his biggest challenge and makes a new and unusual friend.

Monty, the cat-guardian of the garden, is the only hope for a group of tiny horses who have been kidnapped by the evil Thworgs. But the evil Thworgs have grown in daring and power since anyone in the garden last encountered them.

Will the magic moonbeam be strong enough?


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More adventures for Holly, Victoria and Tom as they are whisked magically away into a new world.
Monty the cat, Mr Leafblower from the compost heap, and Sooty the little black poodle are catapulted into the only other magic garden in the world, where Ian the dragon reigns supreme.
Lost in an amazing maze, the children are befriended by a host of other magical creatures they have never encountered before, such as the glowglobs and the talking table. But are all these creatures really friends? What will they encounter in the world in the water, and does the river monster really exist?
Join the characters of Firwood the Magic Garden as they face new dangers and make new friends - with a few unexpected twists!


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